My artistic practice evokes our relationship with the physical world. I'm interested in the gap between a landscape –pictorial framing of our natural environment– and living consciously in and with nature. Through gestures that are both simple and meaningful, I explore our own concept of time, drawing inspiration from natural and inner rhythms. I create an aesthetic of detail that reflects our human condition and goes against the flow of Western cadence. It is an ode to manual activity, which our contemporary society tries to make invisible through its various operating systems.

My representations are on the edge of figuration and abstraction, hindering our judgment based on appearances. To counter the decorative vision usually attributed to landscapes, I propose sensory art objects that seek to re-establish a sensitive link with living things. For example, I distort the codes of interior design, making them my own in an intimate way: motifs, plaster bas-reliefs, friezes, tapestry strips, murals and so on. I also appeal to visitors' sense, inviting them to come into direct contact with the works through tactile projects *.

I seek to transmit a vibratory frequency to apprehend the aura of an artwork, sharing sensitive or spiritual emotions. The accumulation of detail and the nuances of color convey the evanescence of these emotions, essential to our decision-making. Wishing sensibility to act as autonomous knowledge, I interweave four dimensions – body, emotion, mind and intellect – to conceive art objects close to human nature. Through artistic investigation, I search for meaning in order to understand not the reason why things were created, but how they were created.



* Les incertitudes, 2018 / Tendresse, 2018-2023 / À vif, 2022-2024.