[...] The story is naturally told with Aline Forçain. It is a graphic story – in any case, it is a black matter, as moving as a soil that would be ploughed by a gesture always repeated and meticulous. Therefore, with ink, through engraving too, she sometimes creates vibrating nights and sometimes a mark of hundreds of furrows. They represent as many thin lines as hair – tied and untied – as dishevelled as hairs that are comparable to the ears of the wheats that the artist photographed from a high-angle shot. As a polymorphic and sensitive work, Aline ´s work is about a vast landscape - not as an object to consume but as an essence which dwells within us and transcends us like life - and that has to be made sublime.
Marie-Anne Lorgé
News editor for Editpress / Le Jeudi
Taken from the article entitled Rester debout / Galerie Nosbaum Reding: Damien Deroubaix et Aline Forçain
May 2019 

[...] The fulfilment that we feel in the repetition of the unlinear gestures which compose the masterpieces is the result of an inside necessity – trying to understand our relationship to what surrounds us through the idea of a landscape. That is the reason why the gestures of the artist – extremely precise but never straight, lines that cross, get woven and meet each other – refer to vast landscapes. Our connection to the world and to nature thus becomes a questioning about strength and fragility, idealisation and exploitation, meeting, citizenship, femininity. [...] 

Sofia Eliza Bouratsis
PhD in Arts and Science of art -- Aesthetics
researcher and freelance curator
Reporter for the Lëtzebuerger Land

A text about Regards murmurés – the first personal exhibition organised by the art gallery

[…] Combining différent artistic techniques in her work – pencil, felt pen, watercolour or Indian ink – Aline Forçain gives us a very personal vision of what surrounds her. "I work with what I call graphic diaries that gather elements from logbooks, artist’s books and journals. These diaries show a subjective representation of private life inside the public sphere and evolve around line, colour and writing to be part of daily reality" […] Her work is graphic, poetic, sometimes dark, often melancholic and it conveys a discourse around "our role and our condition with nature that has become far away". […] 

Godefroy Gordet
From the article entitled "Aline Forçain, as closely as possible to nature that has become far away"
Femme Magazine (LU)
January 2018 

It needs time and thinking for the creative act facing the widespread acceleration. Following natural rhythm and acting with the body of paper are crucial in Aline Forçain’s work. Her drawing redefines ourselves with our biological clock and connects us to a certain universality – by dealing with the intimate sphere while looking for the human connection which binds us to nature and cosmos.

Anouk Wies
Art curator in charge of the « CERCLE CITÉ » program
June 2017
Within the triennial exhibition for young creators in the
ROTONDES, Luxemburg

Aline Forçain’s work is coherent and imaginative. It is also accurate with an absolute precision among the graphic speeches that define the abundant and polymorphic overview of contemporary drawing.

Victor Zarza
Teacher for the department of painting at the Art Faculty (Complutense University of Madrid), art critic and curator